Michelle Obama Writes ‘Thank You Notes’ With Jimmy Fallon to Barack, Inauguration Day (Video)

“Thank you Barack for proving you’re not a lame duck … but my very own silver fox,” the first lady says on “The Tonight Show”

With Donald Trump’s inauguration just over a week away, we’re still not ready to say goodbye to the Obamas yet — especially not Michelle.

She made her final appearance as first lady on “The Tonight Show” on Wednesday, during which she fittingly wrote “Thank You Notes” with Jimmy Fallon. And the audience was delighted.

“I like this side of the desk,” Obama said, as she moved around to sit next to the NBC late-night host.

“No, I’m not leaving!” Fallon exclaimed, fearing for his future career stability. “I just saw The Roots get really excited.”

Acting like a true professional, Obama asked for some “‘Thank You Note’ piano music,” from the smitten band. “I’m pretty good at this,” she boasted.

The first heartfelt letter was beautifully written to her husband the president, thanking him for “proving you’re not a lame duck … but my very own silver fox.”

Meanwhile, Fallon wrote his first note to Michelle, praising her arms.

Obama went on to thank Inauguration Day “or as I like to call it, lets move!”

The 2017 Golden Globes host had the last word, however, by throwing in a not-so-subtle request.

“Seeing as you like physical exercise so much, how about running for president?”

This may have been the last time First Lady Michelle Obama appeared on the “Tonight Show,” but it was far from her first.

On Feb. 20, 2014, Michelle joined in the fan-favorite “Ew!” sketch with Fallon and guest Will Ferrell, and during her second appearance on April 2, 2015, she showed off her dancing skills with Fallon in a presentation of the “Evolution Of Mom Dancing.”

 Watch the video above.