Morgan Freeman, Kansas City Chiefs Fan, Weighs in on Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce: ‘I Don’t Think About Them at All’ (Video)

The Oscar-winning actor appears dumbfounded that “CBS Mornings” anchor Gayle King even asked about them

Morgan Freeman Taylor Swift
Morgan Freeman and Taylor Swift (Credit: Getty Images)

Morgan Freeman is more than just an Oscar-winning actor. He’s also a diehard Kansas City Chiefs fan — which means his favorite football team has come under particular scrutiny thanks to a certain Taylor Swift dating its star tight end, Travis Kelce.

But ask the prolific performer what he thinks about this budding, A-lister romance, and he’ll tell you point blank: He doesn’t.

“You’re a big Kansas City Chiefs fan, is that true?” “CBS Mornings” anchor Gayle King asked Thursday while interviewing Freeman for his new narrating gig on Netflix, docuseries “Life on Our Planet.”

“Yes,” he responded.

“So how are you feeling about Taylor and Travis?” she pressed. “Is it keeping you up at night? Are you in favor?”

“Are you a Swiftie, Mr. Freeman?” chimed in cohost Vladimir Duthiers.

“Travis is playing better than ever,” added Nate Burleson.

“So what are you thinking, Morgan Freeman, about this?” King asked.

Visibly dumbfounded by the line of questioning and shaking his head throughout the CBS hosts’ interrogation, he gave an answer that was so blunt it couldn’t be anything but true.

“I don’t… think about them… at all,” the 86-year-old said, smiling wryly.

Duthiers then gushed, “I love the way you delivered that in that iconic Morgan Freeman voice,” while Burleson concluded: “All you care about is the touchdowns and wins.”

Freeman agreed with Burleson.

“Yeah, are you winning? Great, OK. Now, it’s great to watch [quarterback Patrick Mahomes] run. He’s got a rifle for an arm, so that’s all good,” Freeman said. “So that’s what I’m interested in.”

Watch the full exchange via Instagram in the video above.


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