Travis Kelce Tackles NFL ‘Overdoing’ Coverage of Taylor Swift Attending Chiefs Games (Video)

“I just think the NFL is not used to celebrities coming to the games,” Jason Kelce said

From left to right: Sophie Turner, Taylor Swift and Ryan Reynolds at the KC Chiefs vs. the New York Jets game Sept. 30 (Getty Images)

Travis and Jason Kelce addressed the NFL’s coverage of Taylor Swift, who has now shown up to two Kansas City Chiefs football games.

Swift appeared with quite the entourage at the Chiefs’ away game at MetLife Stadium vs. the New York Jets on Saturday — including Sabrina Carpenter, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, Brittany Mahomes, Sophie Turner and Shawn Levy to name a few. 

Travis’ older brother Jason, who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles, asked the Chiefs tight end about the level of spotlight Swift has received at the games on the “New Heights” podcast that the brothers cohost.

“Is the NFL overdoing it? What is your honest opinion?” Jason asked Travis on the weekly podcast.

“I think everybody is just, like, overwhelmed,” Travis said.

The Athletic reported that Swift was captured 17 different times on the NBC broadcast of the Chiefs’ 23-20 victory over the Jets.

“Take away your feelings for Taylor,” Jason added. “What is your honest opinion on how the NFL is treating celebrities at the games?” 

Taylor Swift attends the Chiefs vs. Bears game Sept. 23 (Getty Images)

The “Anti-Hero” singer (and pop icon) was invited to the Chiefs vs. Chicago Bears game in Kansas City on Sept. 23 by Travis Kelce himself, who plays tight-end for the three-time Super Bowl-winning team. The NFL broadcasted her attendance, showing multiple shots of her sitting next to Travis’ mother Donna in their box at Arrowhead Stadium. 

“I think it’s fun when they show who’s at the game,” Travis said. “I think it brings a little bit more to the atmosphere, brings a little bit more to what you’re watching. But at the same time, they’re overdoing it a little bit.” 

They playfully titled the podcast episode referencing one of Swift’s songs, “You Need to Calm Down” — implying the NFL needs to cool it, to a degree.

New fans who tuned into the podcast thanks to Swift took the chance to ask basic football questions. An average of 27 million viewers tuned into the Sept. 30 game at MetLife Stadium.

“I just think the NFL is not used to celebrities coming to the games,” Jason said. “Like, basketball has it all figured out. They’re all courtside, they’re sitting there. They show ’em once or twice, but then they get back to the game.”

You can watch the full Kelce brothers “New Heights” podcast episode here, including more of their thoughts on celebs at the games:


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