Taylor Swift Boosts Travis Kelce’s Jersey Sales by 400% After Attendance of Chiefs Game

The songstress has also brought new followers to Kelce’s social media

Travis Kelce at the 2023 Super Bowl (Getty Images)

Look out, Eagles T-shirts! Travis Kelce’s Kansas City Chiefs football jersey has become one of the National Football League’s top-five selling jerseys since Taylor Swift made an appearance at the Chiefs vs. Chicago Bears game Sunday.

According to sports and business analyst Joe Pompliano, Kelce’s #87 jersey has increased in sales by 400% since Swift was spotted watching the NFL player with his mother Donna Kelce at Arrowhead Stadium over the weekend.

The tight end, whose brother Jason Kelce plays for the Philadelphia Eagles, also gained 300,000 new followers on social media in the first 24 hours since Sunday’s pop culture highlight. According to Sportskeeda, Kelce gained 27,000 new Instagram followers on Sunday. Despite not having any Swift content posted, his account now tops 3.2 million followers.

For strictly football fans, Kelce performed well in Sunday’s game, where he caught seven passes for 69 yards. He also scored a touchdown, and cameras caught Swift joyful’s reaction where she said “Let’s f–king go!”

Pictures and videos caught Swift leaving the game with Kelce. They drove away in a convertible car to reportedly dine together following the Chief’s decisive 41-10 victory over the Bears.

Kelce sparked discourse around the celebrity pair when he admitted that he made Swift a friendship bracelet with his [probably phone] number on it to give to her at her Arrowhead Stadium show in Kansas City back in July. Unfortunately, he didn’t get to exchange the bracelet with Swift, which left him “butthurt.”

“It was an unbelievable show, and I’ve only seen Arrowhead filled like that for Chiefs games with that much excitement,” Kelce said on the “New Heights” podcast which he co-hosts with his brother Jason. “Everybody was dressed in pink and purple going crazy. It was a wild show.”

Swift hails from Philadelphia, and she sings of an “Eagles t-shirt hanging from the door” in her song “gold rush” off the album “evermore.”

Whether the events of Sunday add up to a PR stunt or a real relationship, only time will tell, but both brands — Taylor Swift’s and Travis Kelce’s as well as the broader NFL — have benefitted from the enchanted encounter Sunday.


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