The Morning Clicks: What Others Are Saying About Conan-Jay

Why Leno’s failure could have a chilling effect, marketing Leno 3.0 and Conan’s Dolly Parton connection

After the announcement, the commentary.

Because it took so dang long for lawyers to hash out a final deal, reporters covering LateNightCrisis2010 have had lots of time to whip up ready-to-go analysis stories for whenever the agreement was announced.

We’ve got our own look at what’s next for some of the key players in this whole drama here. Some other interesting stories hitting the Internet this morning (or which have been written this week):

— AdAge’s Brian Steinberg argues Jay Leno’s primetime failure is bad for broadcasters since it reps a failure of an experimental model and could discourage innovation.

— My old NY Post boss Adam Buckman, a fellow veteran of covering the late-night wars, has some good stuff about this mishegas over at his TV Howl blog. Check out his take on why Jerry and Jay may have never really accepted Conan into their comedy fraternity, and this look back at some other famous network TV disasters.

— Over at Variety, Mike Schneider talks about NBC’s coming challenge launching and selling Leno 2.0. Earlier in the week, the always sunny Brian Lowry declared Team Conan the second biggest loser in this whole mess.

— Broadcasting & Cable’s local stations reporter, Michael Malone, breaks down the affiliate hurdles Fox might face if it decides to do a deal with Conan. (We still say: If Rupe and Roger want it done, it shall be done).

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