‘Morning Joe’: California Congressman Says Trump Is Just Trying to ‘Bloody Up’ Biden Ahead of 2024 With Impeachment Calls (Video)

It’s “petty politics,” Ro Khanna says

Twice-impeached former president Donald Trump is once again calling for the impeachment of President Joe Biden, but for California Democrat Ro Khanna it’s just “petty politics.” The congressman told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Monday that Trump is simply trying to “bloody up” Biden before the 2024 election.

In yet another angry screed on his Truth Social account on Sunday, Trump shamed his own party, saying that the GOP-led house is “well meaning,” but moving too slowly to impeach Biden (despite, it should be noted, having no evidence to actually do so).

“Either IMPEACH the BUM, or fade into OBLIVION,” Trump wrote. “THEY DID IT TO US!” So, on Monday morning, Khanna argued that Trump’s own words “reveals everything” about his motivations.

“It’s total politics. It’s because he was impeached twice, and he’s running in 2024, they want to try to bloody up the president for 2024,” Khanna said. “This is all politics, and it has nothing to do either with the law or helping the American public.”

Khanna also shredded House Speaker Kevin McCarthy for having misplaced priorities and giving any oxygen to an impeachment inquiry into Biden.

“I mean, what we should be doing in the house is fundamental legislation for the race-based shooting in Jacksonville,” he argued. “What we should be doing in the House is talking about economic costs, childcare costs. Instead, this speaker is not focused on the issues that people care about.”

You can watch Khanna’s full comments in the video above.