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‘SNL’ Preempted by Dr. Evil Schooling Sony and North Korea (Video)

Mike Myers returns to the NBC sketch show to reprise the ”Austin Powers“ villain role and delivers some advice regarding the Sony hack attack

NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” didn’t even get past its cold open before addressing the biggest news story in entertainment in years: The Sony Hack Attack, which led to “The Interview” being pulled from theaters.

Mike Myers returned to his old stomping grounds, reprising the role of “Austin Powers” villain Dr. Evil, who told Sony and North Korea to get ready because he’s going to “take you to school.”

Dr. Evil started in on the very premise of terrorism surrounding something as trivial as a movie. “It’s easy to kill a movie,” he said. “Just move it to January.”

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He then went in on the Hacking organization’s name, the Guardians of Peace aka the GOP, taking a jab at the Republican Party while he was at it.

“Hello, way to go, a-holes,” he said. “There’s already a GOP and they’re already an evil organization.”

And then, he moved on to their target. “Why pick on Sony? They haven’t had a hit since the walkman.”

Even “The Interview” star James Franco didn’t escape unscathed.

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“Come on, Sony, you think it’s a joke to have James Franco assassinate Kim Jong-un,” Dr. Evil asked. “The man singlehandedly almost killed the Oscars.”

That’s just the cold open, folks. What else does the show and this week’s host Amy Adams have planned?

Clearly, “SNL” has a lot planned for its big Christmas episode and the schooling isn’t over. Alum Kristen Wiig returned to interrupt Adams’ monologue and song to give her some advice, as well.

Carried in by hot men dressed as reindeer, Wiig advised Adams that she needs “a little more energy.” “You got to give them some flash, some sizzle. You got give them some pow!”

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What followed was a super-sized version of Adams’ planned holiday sing-off, complete with Adams dancing with Wiig’s “Christmas hunks” (and enjoying it), as well as Wiig sliding into an uncomfortable split.

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One of the better sketches of the night was a take on “Serial,” the podcast that explores true crime stories. You know, the one that makes it so you can’t visit Twitter or Facebook without someone you find mildly arrogant gushing about the week’s episode. “SNL” puts its holiday twist on it by exploring the phenomenon of a man named “Chris” who leaves presents under people’s trees and eats cookies left near chimneys. How does this one man deliver presents all around the world in one night? “He’s lying,” said an earnest UPS worker. The case goes unsolved…

Anyone could’ve predicted that this week’s “Weekend Update” would largely focus on the Sony Hack Attack. Co-anchor Michael Che wondered why Sony was being criticized for pulling “The Interview.” What did we expect from a movie studio? He then went on to list several groups studios regularly capitulate to, including actors, directors, producers, agents, focus groups, conservative groups, liberal groups, bloggers and “anyone with a damn Twitter account.” Touche!

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And despite co-anchor Colin Jost’s warnings that it wouldn’t be a good idea, Bobby Moynihan appeared as Kim Jong-un. “I’m not afraid,” he said before launching into a tirade on Christmas as the dictator. “I got this.” But as he launched into his first line, red target marks appeared on his chest and he lost his courage. Before leaving, he corrected Jost as he was about to say his name. “Whoa, I’m Seth Rogen. Seth Rogen, everybody!”

My favorite story of the week also got a shout out on “Weekend Update.” Earlier this week, “Today” co-host Kathie Lee Gifford revealed that Bill Cosby tried to kiss her when she toured with him back in the 70s, but rebuffed the married man’s advances. “More shockingly, that means she also rejected a glass of wine,” Jost pointed out. I’m still waiting for Gifford to make Sony Hack about her.

In addition to Myers and Wiig, Fred Armisen appeared on “Weekend Update” as one-half of retro singing duo Garth and Kat and as Cuban leader Raul Castro in one of the country’s first imports to the U.S. since President Obama opened communications with Cuba this week, “A Very Cuban Christmas.”

Musical guest One Direction dropped in on “Girlfriend’s Talk Show” to embarrass co-host Morgan (Aidy Bryant), who had been lying about being on the school’s dance team. 1D played the team’s male dancers, who are the very reason Morgan didn’t make the team — she freezes when the boys are around. They’ll go on to perform “Night Changes” and “Ready To Run.”

“Saturday Night Live” returns with a new episode hosted by Kevin Hart on Jan. 17.

Watch Dr. Evil’s cold open. And watch Adams’ big opening monologue here.