New York Times Editor Bill Keller Wants to Know: ‘Does Twitter Make You Stupid?’

Executive lobs open-ended, rage-baiting tweet, and gets what he was likely looking for: fodder for a column

On Wednesday, New York Times executive editor Bill Keller — whose unhinged rage against news aggregators is well-documented — lobbed an open-ended, rage-baiting tweet on Twitter:

#TwitterMakesYouStupid. discuss.

It got plenty of responses, including one from David Carr — whose 319,704 followers would rank him among the top 10 most-followed American newspapers on Twitter:

Naw, in proper doses, #TheTwitter makes you smart. A human-enabled RSS that puts you ahead of the news and the curve.

Others were, predictably, not so balanced.

Xeni Jardin, co-editor of, wrote:

Well, apparently it makes YOU stupid, but…

Jeff Jarvis wrote:

Bill. The NYT no longer tells us what to discuss. Twitter does.


Keller's feeling lonely behind the pay wall.

It sounds like Keller, who has been penning a weekly column for the New York Times magazine, was looking for fodder for an upcoming column.

It also sounds like Keller — whose previous tweet was dated March 27 — doesn't engage in the medium enough to have an opinion.

He certainly doesn't appear to know how to cultivate a discussion beyond provocation — the groan-inducing post was his only tweet yesterday.