NY Times’ ‘The Daily’ Podcast Has Doubled Downloads Since Last Year to 4 Million

The New York Times’ podcast shared successes during Thursday’s IAB Podcast upfronts

New York Times headquarters
Spencer Platt / Getty Images

The New York Times’ “The Daily” podcast has hit 4 million daily average downloads, doubling its number from last year, according to CNN.

During Thursday’s IAB Podcast upfronts, per CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” host Michael Barbaro pointed out that the 4 million figure is as big “as primetime Fox News.’”

In April 2019, “The Daily” had about 2 million downloads per day, on average. The Times was still reporting that number in September 2019, when a press release announcing the show’s one-billionth download said, “On any given morning, the show is now downloaded two million times, making it the most popular news podcast in the country.”

A lot has happened between September 2019 and today that might pique the interest of a potential news podcast listener: There’s been a global pandemic that has ravaged the economy and American way of life along with unrest and protest over racial inequity and, of course, an ongoing presidential election between current president Donald Trump and former vice president Joe Biden.

During the most recent earnings reporting period from the company in August, then-president and CEO Mark Thompson acknowledged on a call for investors that consumer behavior has proven that the Times is a “digital-first company and won’t look back from here.”


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