The Ad Industry Bailed on News – Can AI Offer a Way Back? | PRO Insight

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When advertisers decide how much bias they want in the news sites they support, we may get closer to a shared reality

(Midjourney/Big Technology)

For the past five years, a small startup called Ad Fontes Media has been categorizing publications based on their bias and allowing advertisers to buy ads with its data. The aim is to restore a common truth in society by moving money to publications that may not agree, but at least don’t deny their opponents’ existence.

Advertisers, until recently, have had some limitations with the stories they’ve been able to buy via Ad Fontes, which has labeled each piece of content by hand, but a new AI model is changing that. The company’s using the approximately 70,000 pieces of content it’s labeled with panels of right, left and center-leaning raters to build a model that can categorize tens of thousands of articles each day.