Nick Jonas and Usher Join Jeff Daniels and Jimmy Fallon for a Game of ‘Pyramid’ (Video)

Jonas proves an absolute disaster on gangster films while Daniels struggles to name some famous musical acts

Last Updated: November 11, 2014 @ 3:24 AM

Jimmy Fallon loves to surprise his studio audience and viewers by bringing out surprise guests for the various games he plays on “The Tonight Show.” For Monday night’s take on the classic “Pyramid” game, scheduled guest Jeff Daniels was partnered with Usher while Fallon paired with Nick Jonas.

The game started off with Daniels having to twerk for an uncomfortable length of time until Usher figured out what he was doing. He mimed other dance moves on his way to a strong start, though it wouldn’t have mattered.

Poor Fallon was driven mad by his partner who didn’t recognize any of the famous gangster films in the category like “Scarface,” “Goodfellas,” “The Usual Suspects” or even “The Godfather.”

“He’s fifteen!” Fallon joked in exasperation. But Jonas redeemed himself in the next round with solid clues for words that end in “een.” It was a tight race to the end thanks to a combination of great rounds and more hilariously disastrous ones, like Daniels trying to identify musical acts.

Find out who won in the video above.

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