Nicole Kidman Freaks After Waking Up With Colin Firth in ‘Before I Go to Sleep’ Trailer (Video)

Actress plays a character with anterograde amnesia in the upcoming physiological thriller

Nicole Kidman is being terrorized by an assailant she can’t remember in the new trailer for “Before I Go to Sleep.”

When her character, Christine Lucas, wakes up in bed panicked — she’s confused by the strange man sleeping next to her. Turns out it’s her husband (played by Colin Firth), but she doesn’t recognize him because a bad car accident has left her with anterograde amnesia, which means her character can’t keep new memories for very long. Every time Christine goes to sleep for the night, her mind is essentially wiped clean.

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And that’s especially bad news considering she’s being hunted by someone trying to kill her.

Mark Strong (“The Imitation Game”) plays a doctor who says he’s trying to help Kidman, telling her she knows the identity of the would-be killer, if only she could remember!

As she digs into her past, she realizes her so-called friends might not have her best interest in mind. Even husband Firth is a potential murder suspect.

“Do you want the truth? I’ll tell you the truth,” he shouts at her. Of course, we don’t get her answer in the trailer.

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Rowan Jaffe (“Brighton Rock”) wrote and directed the psychological thriller, which comes across as a weird cross between “Memento” and “50 First Dates.” It’s a story adapted from S.J. Watson’s bestselling novel of the same name. Anne-Marie Duff and Mark Strong also star in the film.

“Before I Go to Sleep” hits theaters Oct. 31, 2014.