‘Oppenheimer’ Clocks 821 Million Streaming Minutes in First Week on Peacock | Exclusive

Christopher Nolan’s acclaimed biopic is the most-watched film across platforms ahead of the Oscars

Universal Pictures

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More than seven months after its theatrical release, Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer” is continuing its run as one of the most successful biopics of all time, with Nielsen reporting that the film recorded 821 million minutes of viewing during its first week of streaming on Peacock.

The new numbers come after Peacock previously announced that “Oppenheimer” became the most-watched film in the history of the NBCUniversal streaming service during its first weekend of release on Feb. 16, adding to the biopic record $954 million grossed at the global box office and its strong performance on premium video on-demand and Blu-Ray. The platform also boasted that “Oppenheimer” was the most-watched film across all streaming during the period of Feb. 16-22 based on reach and hours viewed, citing Nielsen data.

Looking to take advantage of interest in “Oppenheimer” ahead of the Academy Awards, where the film is a frontrunner to win Best Picture, Peacock released “Oppenheimer” last month with a series of featurettes about the making of the film.

The platform also offers Nolan films like “Inception,” “Interstellar,” and the “Dark Knight” trilogy.

The move to release “Oppenheimer” on streaming more than six months after its theatrical release came at the behest of Nolan, as part of his deal to bring the film to Universal after nearly 20 years of releasing his films with Warner Bros.

Nolan has used his clout as a filmmaker to maximize the theatrical windows of his films, requiring that Universal invest $200 million in production and marketing for the film and pushing for three weeks of exclusive play on Imax, with select theaters screening the film in 70mm.


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