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Jimmy Buffett Fans Get Their Own Doc: ‘Parrot Heads’

Film by Bryce Wagoner will be available on VOD early next year

There are Grateful Dead-loving Deadheads and then there are Jimmy Buffett fans: so-called Parrot Heads.

And yes, it’s high time a film about them get made.

A documentary about Jimmy Buffett’s iconic following comes out on demand in January 2017.

“Parrot Heads” covers this loyal and dedicated group of Jimmy Buffett fans and delves all the way back into the origins of the unique sub-culture.

Directed by Bryce Wagoner (“After Porn Ends”), the film chronicles what started out as a small group of friends. It eventually grew into a worldwide organization known as Parrot Heads in Paradise, which encourages members to “party with a purpose.” And they practice what they preach, having raised more than 40 million dollars in charity donations.

Traveling the globe from Key West to Paris, Costa Rica to California, the international phenomenon even inspired its own genre of music, Trop Rock (short for Tropical Rock).

Something Parrot Heads will surely be into, the film features exclusive interviews with Jimmy Buffett himself.

“Parrot Heads” is a Pirates Entertainment and Haven Entertainment production in association with Roundabout Entertainment and Bow and Arrow Entertainment. Vance Daniels, Matthew Perniciaro, Kevin Mann and Wagoner produced the film, with Craig Clark and Crystal Angel serving as executive producers.

Mike Ramos, Harold Sulman, Mauricio Betancur and Michael Sherman serve as co-executive producers. Cara Kidwell also co-produced the film.

The deal was negotiated by Sulman on behalf of Mailboat, Nolan Gallagher for Gravitas Ventures and Perniciaro on behalf of the filmmakers.

Wagoner is represented by Zero Gravity Management.

Ahead of its January VOD release, the film is now available for DVD and digital pre-order.

Watch the trailer below: