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‘Parks and Recreation’ Star Nick Offerman Reveals Key to Getting Into Sundance: ‘P-ssy and Weed’ (Video)

The sentiment sounds far more beautiful when put in a song on ”Conan“

Woodworker, man’s man, and “Parks and Recreation” star Nick Offerman revealed the key to getting independent films into Sundance on Wednesday’s “Conan.”

Offerman, whose “American Ham” concert film was recently shown at the Park City, Utah film festival, described the secret to success in a song, “Pussy and Weed.”

The short tune, accompanied by the NBC sitcom actor’s acoustic guitar, included lyrics such as: “The ingredients that make indie films/ the coolest of the breed/are simply weed and pussy/pussy and weed.”

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The little ditty from the man behind Ron Swanson concluded with: “The quality of your indie film/will be impossible to misread/if you’ve got some weed and pussy/pussy and weed/pussy and weed.”

Sound advice.

Watch the clip: