PlayStation VR2 Is Selling Well Enough to Keep Sony in the Game | Analysis

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By bridging flatscreen and headset gaming, the newest device is helping prove the technology isn’t just a passing fad

PSVR2 artwork

Sony’s been smashing expectations with the PlayStation 5, and the console’s accompanying virtual reality headset, the PlayStation VR2, is off to a respectable start in its own right. Given its hefty price tag of $549, the sales Sony is reporting indicates that VR is persevering as a healthy niche market rather than turning into a fading fad.

The device’s performance has big implications beyond Sony and the PlayStation ecosystem: With Apple poised to introduce a questionably pricey mixed reality headset and Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg reaffirming his company’s commitment to a metaverse bet he’s poured tens of billions of dollars into, the VR world has needed a sign that there’s a healthy business to be found.