Join ‘Walking Dead’s’ Norman Reedus Live Q&A

The AMC series star takes your questions live at TheWrap

“The Walking Dead” returns to television on Feb. 9, but before that, you have a chance to ask series star Norman Reedus whatever you want to know about the show. Or maybe what he likes to do when he’s not busy shooting it.

TheWrap is hosting a live Q&A session with Daryl Dixon, himself, this Thursday in anticipation for the mid-season premiere on Sunday.

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When we last saw Reedus’ fan favorite character on the hit zombie drama, he decommissioned a tank and was among the rest of survivors left homeless after the Governor tried — and failed — to take over the prison.

Want to know what’s next for Daryl? Whether or not he’s going to try to track down Carol? Or what his favorite color is?

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Come up with your best question and ask away: