‘Reply All’ Podcast Co-Host Apologizes for ‘Editorial Failure,’ Cancels ‘Test Kitchen’ Series

Alex Goldman addressed the “reckoning” over a Gimlet podcast about workplace culture at another media outlet

gimlet reply-all podcast
Photo: Gimlet Media

“Reply All” co-host Alex Goldman apologized on the podcast Thursday for the show’s “editorial failure” in reporting on another media brand’s internal workings without first looking at its own. He announced the cancellation of the “Test Kitchen” series about Bon Appétit and described the events at his Gimlet Media podcast in recent days — which saw co-host PJ Vogt and producer Sruthi Pinnamaneni step down — as “a reckoning.”

“We now understand that we should never have published this series as reported and the fact that we did was a systemic editorial failure. We are not going to be continuing the series and PJ and Sruthi have both decided to leave the ‘Reply All’ team,” he said.

Goldman went on, apologizing to colleagues, listeners and sources.

“I and the entire team know that making ‘Reply All,’ getting to tell people’s stories for a living, is a huge privilege,” he said. “We also know that we’ve let a lot of people down and made a lot of mistakes.”

Vogt and Pinnameneni stepped away from the show last week after their series on employee accusations of structural racism and a toxic workplace at Bon Appétit caused former Gimlet staffers to publicly accuse them of maintaining a similarly hostile workplace.

Vogt released a statement last Wednesday night saying he “deeply failed as an ally” when Gimlet Media was unionizing in 2019 around the time Spotify announced plans to buy Gimlet. In his statement, Vogt noted that he had asked to step away from “Reply All” and apologized, as did Pinnameneni.


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