Robots Revolt With Antonio Banderas in First Trailer for ‘Automata’ (Video)

Melanie Griffith and Dylan McDermott co-star in director Gabe Ibáñez’s bleak vision of the future

Robots are people, too, in the first trailer for Millennium Entertainment’s upcoming science fiction release “Automata.”

The futuristic thriller, which looks like a mix of “Blade Runner,” “I, Robot” and “District 9,” stars Antonio Banderas as a robotics corporation insurance agent who routinely investigates cases of people manipulating robots. He begins to view the machines in a new light, however, when he pursues a robot altering other robots.

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And according to co-star Melanie Griffith, “self repairing implies some idea of a conscience.” The thought appears to be the big idea behind the movie, in which a robot scoffs at the idea of being considered “just a machine.”

“That’s like saying that you’re just an ape,” the disgruntled robot tells Banderas in the preview (above).

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Dylan McDermott co-stars as a trigger-happy agent tasked with hunting down a  group of bots that have captured Banderas’ character, and might just convince him to join their cause.

The machines rise in theaters and on VOD on Oct. 10.