‘Rust’ Assistant Director Cleared Prop Gun That Alec Baldwin Used in Fatal Shooting, Sheriff’s Affidavit Says

But the AD did not know how “live” rounds were in the firearm, a detective wrote in the report

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A police report from the Santa Fe County sheriff’s office revealed that an assistant director on “Rust” permitted Alec Baldwin to use the prop gun that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injured director Joel Souza.

The assistant director, who was unnamed in an account of the affidavit published by The New York Times, picked up a prop pistol from a cart and gave it to Baldwin, yelling “Cold gun!”

The term indicated the gun does not contain any “live” rounds, including blanks, and was safe to use around nearby crew.

According to the affidavit signed by Detective Joel Cano, the assistant director was unaware that the prop gun contained live rounds when he handed it to Baldwin. The report did not provide information about the type of ammunition it held or how many rounds were fired.

The affidavit, which was obtained with a search warrant, also states that Baldwin had been standing behind Hutchins when he discharged the firearm, hitting Hutchins in the chest and Souza in the shoulder.

Hutchins died of her injuries at the University of New Mexico Hospital in Albuquerque; Souza was transported to St. Vincent Regional Medical Center in Santa Fe and was later released.

In the 24 hours since the tragedy occurred, allegations have surfaced about unsafe working conditions on the set of the indie Western film. Hours beforehand, six camera crew members quit the production due to overlong hours, safety concerns and a lack of staff housing. They were replaced by non-union members.

Earlier Friday, a 911 call from the set revealed that the gun went off during a rehearsal. The caller, who identified herself as a script supervisor, told the dispatcher that the assistant director was responsible for checking the guns.

At publication time, the incident is still under investigation by the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office.