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SAG Awards 2022: Kate Winslet, Will Smith, Javier Bardem and More React to Their Nominations

See what the actors had to say about being nominated by their peers

The Screen Actors Guild Awards nominations were announced Wednesday morning with “Power of the Dog” and “House of Gucci” leading the film competition. On the TV side, “Ted Lasso” and “Succession” led with five nominations a piece.

Here’s how the nominees across all the categories reacted:

Kate Winslet, “Mare of “Easttown”

“I’m jumping for joy! This means so much to me. To be nominated by actors, by the people I admire, the artists I cherish and crave spending time with, this really means the world me. To be part of this category and for playing a role that fundamentally changed me in many ways, feels like the ultimate acknowledgment. And to share in a moment like this alongside these powerful almighty women who have created such rich exciting work is a privilege. AND to be up there with Jean Smart, knowing what she and I went through on ‘Mare of Easttown’…. this truly feels like a badge of honor. I’m deeply grateful today!”

Andrew Garfield, “tick, tick…Boom!”

“This honor and recognition from my peers and friends in the Screen Actors Guild means more than I’m able to express. Anyone with a SAG card feels and knows the story of Jonathan Larson in ‘tick, tick…BOOM!’ because it is their story.  It’s the story of an artist longing to express themself, an artist longing to sing as much of their song as possible while they are here alive and breathing. It’s a story about longing to bring our gifts to the world; about following the thread of our destiny in the face of failure and rejection. I’m grateful to the SAG voters for this encouragement to continue to follow my own thread of life. I’m mostly grateful to them for giving Jonathan Larson more life. For giving him his flowers and helping to keep his spirit alive for the world to hear more of his life affirming song. I share this honor with my genius director, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and this most incredible ensemble cast of actors, singers, dancers and creators. We are a true community and none of this could happen without everyone’s unique giftedness and heart. Thank you from the very bottom of my overflowing heart.”

Nicole Kidman, “Being the Ricardos”

“Just woke up to the news and overjoyed!!! This means so much because it comes from my fellow actors. Lucille Ball may have never had a chance to be nominated for a SAG Award, as this will only be its 28th year in existence, but I’ll happily accept this nomination in her honor. And cheers to my brilliant Desi, Javier Bardem, and to Aaron Sorkin and the rest of the cast, we share this with you!”

Will Smith, “King Richard”

“I am humbled and honored that the Williams family trusted me with their story and that my fellow actors have given our film such a warm reception. Getting to walk in Richard’s shoes and having the opportunity, not only to show the world how misunderstood he was, but also to illuminate the true plight of this family as they paved their own road to becoming two of the most iconic names in sports history. AND to get to do it with this absolutely beautiful cast of actors – Aunjanue, Jon, Tony and the powerhouse performances by two of the best young actors I’ve ever seen on film, Saniyya and Demi!  I’m beyond grateful for this experience, for this ensemble cast being recognized, and am mostly proud to play a small part in shining further light and love on the Williams family!

Benedict Cumberbatch, “Power of the Dog”

“I’m truly humbled and honoured to be nominated by my peers in the Screen Actors Guild; to be recognized by those who know and understand this wonderful craft we get to practice as our living is just fantastic. Preparing and making and experiencing the reaction to The Power of the Dog has been one of the best experiences of my life. Not least because of the amazing community of people in front of and behind the camera who made it all possible, especially our fearless and inspirational leader, Jane Campion. So I am so thrilled that Kodi and Kirsten have been recognized for their exceptional work, and that I stand not alone, but with them and Jesse and all of the actors, as well as the crew who supported me and inspired me to be ‘Phil Burbank’ each and every day.”

Michael Keaton, “Dopesick”

“I am not going to lie; this is meaningful because this recognition may bring more people to watch ‘DOPESICK.’ The show shines a light on our country’s ongoing and infuriating battle against big pharma, corruption, and, thanks to our leader, the incredibly smart, empathetic, and talented Danny Strong, it does so without judgement, recognizing the innocent victims of prescribed opioid addiction and the families who suffer in the wake of this vicious cycle. As an actor, I have a whole bunch of reasons to feel grateful and know that the company we keep matters. On ‘DOPESICK’ I was fortunate to play with some real Greats: Barry Levinson, Michael Cuesta, Patricia Riggen, Kaitlyn Dever, Will Poulter, Peter Sarsgaard, Mare Winningham, Ray McKinnon, Michael Stuhlbarg, Rosario Dawson, John Hoogenakker, Phillipa Soo, Jake McDorman, a kickass crew and producers who are best in class and kept us safe in COVID. Sometimes you get such a brilliant script, it feels like the work is done for you. Thanks to the SAG-AFTRA community and I sure hope we are able to celebrate safely together in-person.”

Elisabeth Moss, “The Handmaid’s Tale”

“What wonderful news this morning! Safely making Season 4 of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ during the ongoing pandemic was a challenging undertaking but we are so incredibly proud of what we accomplished and receiving these SAG Award nominations is a beautiful cherry on top. I’m most especially thrilled for our cast nomination as I am lucky enough to work alongside some of the best actors in the business and I will never tire of seeing them acknowledged. Seeing them work through the lens as a director this season gave me an entirely new love and appreciation for them as artists and who they are as people. They lift me and the crew up every day!”

Jared Leto, “House of Gucci”

“To be nominated and recognized by your peers is one of the highest honors imaginable and upon hearing the news this morning I was filled with gratitude and humility. Making ‘House Of Gucci’ and working with this incredible cast was an absolute inspiration. Thank you to my fellow SAG-AFTRA members, congratulations to my fellow nominees, and to the entire HOUSE OF GUCCI gang – BOOF!”

Kirsten Dunst, “Power of the Dog”

“What great news to wake up to! It has been a long time dream of mine to be in a Jane Campion movie. The fact that I got to play Rose in The Power of The Dog along with a great ensemble of actors and the genius that is Jane Campion has far exceeded any dream I could have. I am so proud of Kodi and Benedict and extremely grateful to my fellow actors who have acknowledged our performances.”

Jeremy Strong, “Succession”

“It is such an incredible honor to be recognized by my fellow actors and actresses, who inspire me daily and whose company I am so proud and humbled to be in. I am deeply grateful for this nomination.”

Elle Fanning, “The Great”

“Thank you to SAG-AFTRA. I am honored to be recognized by my peers for a role that means so much to me, alongside actors I greatly admire. ‘The Great’ is made possible by our fearless ensemble cast, our writing genius Tony McNamara, the tireless hours of our hardworking crew, and the one who raises our bar every day, Nicholas Hoult.”

Ruth Negga, “Passing”

“I’m absolutely thrilled and wowed to have received a nomination from my peers and to be in such fine company! A very special thank you to two special ladies: Rebecca Hall and Tessa Thompson. Was grateful to also share the screen with my peers André Holland, Alex Skarsgård, Ashley Ware Jenkins, Bill Camp, and everyone who was part of this project. It’s a great privilege to know them and to have worked with these wildly talented artists. Major shoutouts to Nina Yang Bongiovi, Margot Hand and Forest Whitaker.”

Evan Peters, “Mare of Easttown”

“Thank you to SAG-AFTRA. It’s beyond an honor to be recognized by my peers for playing Zabel, and a truly surreal and thrilling experience to be alongside my fellow nominees. Thank you to the entire cast and crew of ‘Mare of Easttown’ and to HBO and Brad Ingelsby for the chance to work with the best scene partner I could have ever asked for, Kate Winslet!”

Lee Jung-jae, “Squid Game

“I am speechless and beyond excited to be nominated, not just individually but for our entire ‘Squid Game’ team! I vividly remember the precious moments we shared together, putting in all the hard work to film the intense six rounds of games. On top of the unforgettable memories we shared, today’s SAG Awards nominations will forever be remembered as a precious and touching moment. Thank you so much to the members of SAG-AFTRA. I am also so humbled and want to share this moment with all the fans of Squid Game who have faith in justice and love, we as people cherish.”

Juno Temple, “Ted Lasso”

“I’m in complete shock and am overjoyed by this recognition from SAG. I’m thrilled for all my ‘Ted Lasso’ family, most especially my dear friend and force of nature Hannah Waddingham! It means so much to be recognized by my fellow actors amongst this incredible group of women, and I’m very grateful.”

Jung Ho-yeon, “Squid Game

“Thank you Screen Actors Guild members! First, I am truly excited for the best ensemble nomination, which has made all of our team’s time spent together on ‘Squid Game’ even more valuable. Working on this series, and acting for the first time, I thought about how creating something “together,” and “as an ensemble” just might be the true value of our society. I feel empowered to be reminded of how “together” is more precious than a solo achievement. I am truly grateful! I’m also reminded of our best stunt team, being nominated for the best stunt ensemble nomination. I send all the love and thanks to the best stunt team ever who made sure all of us were safe on the set. Lastly, I was truly taken by surprise that I was nominated. I’m just happy knowing that my photo is going to appear alongside that of Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Elizabeth Moss, and Sarah Snook. Thank you to everyone who voted!”

Brett Goldstein, “Ted Lasso”

“Holy fxxxing sxxt! It means the world to be recognized by my peers and SAG. I am so pleased to be nominated with my phenomenal cast. Juno will tell you, sometimes I ruin takes by saying ‘Fxxxing hell, you’re so good’ instead of my actual line because I’m so in awe. Then, to be nominated in the same category with four all-time heroes…. Like serious Got-All-Their-Movies-And-Their-Posters type All-Time Heroes. Truly mind-blowing. Thank you SAG for putting me anywhere near these legends. Pray for them. Because if I get to meet them, I will drive them all insane. Jason can attest to this.”

Margaret Qualley, “Maid”

“Wow! This is so cool! All I hope for when I’m making something is that the people I look up to see me and think I’m alright. I couldn’t be luckier to have had the opportunity to bring Stephanie Land’s beautiful and heartbreakingly real story to life, alongside my own mom and my incredible on-screen daughter, Rylea Nevaeh. I’m so flattered and I really love being a part of this community, thank you!”

Hwang Dong-hyuk, “Squid Game

“As the director of ‘Squid Game,’ today has to be the happiest moment. I am reminded of all the days spent on first meetings with the cast, the auditions, visiting theaters to see their performances, the script readings, rehearsals and the days on set… I want to truly thank not only the cast who have been nominated today but also all of the supporting and the near-300 background talent. Squid Game would never have been what it became without the devotion and hard work of every single one of you. You deserve all the glory and credit.”

David Glasser, Executive Producer, “Yellowstone”

“It is incredibly rewarding to see the Yellowstone recognition amongst our peers continue to expand as we come to the close of our 4th season; it’s a true testament to the original voices and special universe that Taylor created.  This nomination and is a wonderful close to our recent record-breaking season finale.”

Michael Douglas, “The Kominsky Method”

“Great way to start off the New Year. Thank you to all my peers who voted. ‘Kominsky Method’ was a career highlight from start to finish.”

Kodi Smit-McPhee, “The Power of the Dog”

“This experience has been absolutely surreal.  First off, my congratulations to all of my fellow nominees. There’s no greater feeling than being recognized by your peers alongside such extraordinary talent. It is profoundly humbling and I’m incredibly proud to be a member of SAG-AFTRA.”

Javier Bardem, “Being the Ricardos”

“Thank you, SAG-AFTRA, I am honored to be nominated by my peers and to find myself in such remarkable company. Today’s nominations for ‘Being the Ricardos’ are a tribute to the trailblazing couple that are Lucy and Desi Arnaz. It was a great privilege to portray Desi Arnaz – a groundbreaking visionary, proud immigrant and veteran who transformed modern television.”

Taylor Sheridan, Co-creator of “Yellowstone”

“There’s no bigger compliment to an actor than being recognized by their peers. Congratulations to our incredibly talented cast on this wonderful and well deserved nomination.”

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