Sarah Silverman’s OpenAI Lawsuit May Not Be Strong – but the Implications Are Huge | Analysis

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Copyright holders and tech companies would be wise to keep watch, experts say

sarah silverman vs openai lawsuit 2
Sarah Silverman has taken on OpenAI and Meta in copyright lawsuits. (Getty)

What are the odds comedian and author Sarah Silverman and her two fellow plaintiffs win their copyright infringement lawsuit against OpenAI? Not great, according to experts. But regardless of how the suit pans out, it could either help bolster AI companies’ legal position or saddle them with new regulatory boundaries.

Silverman and two novelists, Christopher Golden and Richard Kadrey, are suing OpenAI for copyright infringement, asserting that the tech company used their copyrighted books’ contents for AI training without getting their consent or compensating them.

This is one of the first major high-profile cases to directly address the question of whether AI companies are free to train their systems and language models with whatever data they want or if stricter policies that favor copyright holders should be in place.