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‘Scandal’ Stabbing Shocker Prompts Fears for a Fan Favorite

No one is safe in Shondaland, and a key character may be killed off on Thursday

(Spoiler alert: Please do not read on if you haven’t watched Thursday’s episode of “Scandal.”)

“Scandal” is known for its twists and turns, but Thursday night’s episode shocked even the most hardened fan.

The episode titled “White Hat, Red Shirt” should have been a teaser that one character would end up covered in blood. The unfortunate victim was Jake (Scott Foley), who sadly looks unlikely to survive.

Who perpetrated the killing was even more of a surprise, as Olivia Pope’s (Kerry Washington) new lover, Franklin Russell (Brian White) — whom many assumed was a hapless victim himself when he was trussed up by her father, Rowan Pope — was the one wielding the knife.

Olivia asked her father after his surprise return for there not to be any casualties in their war, but he clearly didn’t adhere to her request.

When Jake later enters Pope & Associates’ empty offices and is attacked by a man with knife, he pulls off the mask to reveal Russell, who was working for Rowan all along.

While it was unclear whether Jake’s stab wounds were fatal, Foley’s tweet after the episode aired on the East Coast doesn’t bode well for his character.

Read more Twitter reactions regarding his fate below.