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Sean Hannity Tells Jeanine Pirro: ‘You Scare Me Sometimes’

The Fox News hosts took turns praising President Trump’s nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court

Sean Hannity and Judge Jeanine Pirro praised President Donald Trump’s nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court on Hannity’s Fox News show Monday night.

Hannity and Pirro are Trump’s staunchest cable news defenders and on set, Hannity joked that Pirro’s ferocious monologues sometimes even frightened him.

“I like seeing you smile about something, I do,” said Hannity as the pair praised the Kavanaugh nomination. “I watch your monologues, you scare me sometimes.”

In the past, Pirro has called for special counsel Robert Mueller to be fired and potentially even jailed.

There was, however, little of that ferocity on set as both hosts gushed over Kavanaugh.

“He runs marathons. He was a pit bull when he was working with Ken Starr. He’s a tough guy, but he’s a soft guy. He’s perfect,” said Pirro of Kavanaugh’s disposition.

As TheWrap previously reported, Kavanaugh was so tough on President Clinton that he sent Starr a list of questions he would be keen to ask him, which included when and where and on whom the leader of the free world ejaculated.

Hannity warned that any efforts to attack Kavanaugh would be fruitless and pointed to his picture-perfect family.

“Take a look at that family,” he said. “They’re going to smear this man and that family?”

On Monday evening, President Trump nominated Judge Kavanaugh to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court. The final decision only became known in the hour before Trump announced his decision after Kavanaugh’s parents were seen at the White House.