Seth Meyers Cracks Up, Gets Way Off Track When Sound Effect Plays Too Long During ‘A Closer Look’ | Video

The NBC host needed a few seconds to put his face in his hands and just laugh before he soldiered on

Seth Meyers is known to have a laugh or two during segments at particular graphics or sound effects. But on Wednesday’s episode of “Late Night” the NBC host fully lost it for a minute, when a sound effect during “A Closer Look” played for far longer than it should’ve.

The moment came as Meyers once again laid into South Dakota governor Kristi Noem for her memoir, in which she voluntarily told a story about killing a puppy she hated because it was untrained (Noem herself argues in the anecdote that the puppy was “untrainable,” though very few dogs actually are).

“No one forced it out of her. She sat down at the old Remington [typewriter] and thought ‘What’s a good yarn for my new book? Something that lets everyone learn what makes Kristi tick. Oh, right!’” Meyers imitated, before he started miming that he was typing on said typewriter.

Naturally, a sound effect of keys on a typewriter played as he finished the punchline: “Blew dog’s brains out!” But, when his hands finished typing, the sound effect kept going.

At that, he improvised making a call to the “typewriter repair shop” to complain that it was “haunted.” He could barely get the new joke out between his giggles though, and when he finished, the host needed a few seconds to put his face in his hands and just crack up.

Meyers then took the segment even further off the rails, as he went on a whole tangent making fun of whoever played the sound for too long.

Eventually, he managed to get back on track, but the host did make sure to slip in a callback to the slip later in the segment, wondering if his team thought that’s what a “ghost writer” is (Meyers thinks maybe Noem’s book was ghost written by a “coked up Hollywood screenwriter, after all).

You can watch Seth Meyers’ full “A Closer Look” segment in the video above.


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