Seth Meyers Baffled That Ryan Gosling and Mikey Day Turned Beavis and Butt-Head Into ‘Weirdly Hot Real Guys’ | Video

“I don’t have to tell you, there’s a lot going on right now,” the NBC host jokes

Things are weird in a lot of ways in the country right now, but for Seth Meyers, one of the weirdest things is that the stars of the animated series “Beavis and Butt-Head” have come to life, thanks to Ryan Gosling and Mikey Day. And, as the NBC host marveled on Thursday night’s episode of “Late Night,” they’re “weirdly hot.

To kick off his “A Closer Look” segment, Meyers did a quick rundown of some of the most prominent news stories, before slipping in his amazement at the duo.

“I don’t have to tell you, there’s a lot going on right now,” Meyers started. “The presidential race is a dead heat, we’re waiting on the Supreme Court to tell us if presidents have complete and total immunity to do whatever the hell they want, Beavis and Butt-Head are real guys now. And like, weirdly hot real guys.”

He didn’t go into depth, but it also wasn’t the last mention of Beavis and Butt-Head in the segment.

A bit later, Meyers was making fun of Mike Lindell, who said during a recent appearance at a Trump rally that he gets his energy from watching Donald Trump and his “courage” every day (but also that he gets his energy from God).

“People ask me where I get my energy, and I tell them I get it from God, because I certainly don’t get it from a good night’s sleep,” Meyers mimicked, putting on his best Lindell impression. “My pillow is absolute garbage. I’d rather sleep on a pile of coal, or a pile of broken glass, and I keep having nightmares about these two demons I saw on the news.”

At that, the same photo of Gosling and Day in their SNL sketch costumes flashed on screen.

“One of them said his name was Cornholio and he needed TP for daaaaa bunghole!” Meyers finished.

In case you missed it, Gosling and Day did bring back their characters from the “SNL” sketch that made almost the entire cast break down in laughter, to walk the red carpet at the premiere of Gosling’s new movie “The Fall Guy.”

The two even crashed an interview Gosling’s co-star Emily Blunt was doing — or, as they called her, Emily Blart.

You can watch Seth Meyers’ full “A Closer Look” segment in the video above.


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