Seth Meyers Worries Dems Take ‘Wrong Lessons’ From Trump: ‘Just Because MAGA’s a Cult Doesn’t Mean the Left Should Be’ | Video

“Criticizing or mocking our leaders is a healthy thing in a democracy,” the NBC host argues

Seth Meyers is getting a bit worried about some Democrats — specifically, those who are calling for uncriticizing loyalty to President Biden. According to the NBC host, that’s definitely one of “the wrong lessons” to learn from Trump and his followers.

During Monday night’s “A Closer Look” segment, Meyers himself once again raked the Republican party across the coals, this time for trying to distance themselves from the fact that overturning Roe v. Wade has now led directly to some IVF clinics pausing service in Alabama.

He also pointed out that, according to exit polls in the South Carolina primary, the debunked claim that President Biden didn’t actually win the 2020 election is still running rampant, with Trump’s followers clinging to his lies simply to keep supporting him. But, the late night host also worried that some on the left are starting to exhibit similar behaviors.

“No matter how squarely the facts stare them in the face, they double down on unhinged fantasy. And while we’re on the subject, I just want to point out, some Democrats seem to be learning the wrong lessons from this,” Meyers said. “Just because MAGA’s a cult doesn’t mean the left should be one too, but that seems to be exactly what some Democratic politicians want.”

At that, a clip of Senator John Fetterman (D-PA) began playing, in which he complained on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that some Democrats are now openly criticizing Biden for his handling of some issues.

“I don’t understand why,” Fetterman said. “I don’t know what’s in it for you to do that, whether you’re just chasing clout or you want to make it in the news or anything like that. But if you’re not willing to just support the president now, and say these kinds of things, you might as well just get your MAGA hat, because you now are helping Trump with this.”

But Seth Meyers wholeheartedly disagreed on that one.

“No, that’s not how it works! Criticizing or mocking our leaders is a healthy thing in a democracy,” he shot back. “I mean, Joe Biden seems to be able to take a joke. We here at ‘Late Night’ make jokes about him all the time, and I think if we ever invited him, he’d come on the show. Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing!”

At that point, Meyers made a big show of turning and looking to the wings of the stage, because President Biden was indeed one of Meyers’ guests on Monday, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the show. And, prior to the show, the pair released a TikTok video, in which Biden leaned into a certain joke about his alter ego.

You can watch Seth Meyers’ full “A Closer Look” segment in the video above.


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