Seth Rogen Twitter Trolls a Pro-Trump Radio Host

“Bill Mitchell can’t stop. Neither can I,” the comedian tweets during social media battle

It’s going down in the DMs, but not in the way you think … at least we hope not.

Comedian Seth Rogen is currently fighting (and winning) a Twitter feud against conservative, pro-Trump radio host, Bill Mitchell.

The bizarre battle of words started on Tuesday, when Rogen called Mitchell a “truly stupid motherf—-” via Twitter. If the “Sausage Party” star was trying to push his opponent’s buttons, it obviously worked.

Mitchell, who hosts the radio show, YourVoice America, fired back with a few insults of his own.

“Go tend to your KKK and Antifa Founding Democrat Party,” he responded. “I have a country to save.”

False correlation between the Ku Klux Klan and the modern Democratic Party aside, this isn’t even the funniest part. After each one of Mitchell’s long-winded responses, Rogen replied that he was in a meeting (SPOILER ALERT: He probably wasn’t actually in a meeting).

Of course, this didn’t sit well with the conservative radio personality, who called out the comedian for “lying” about being in a meeting and putting their private messages on blast.

And how did Rogen respond to that one? Answer: in the most smart ass way he could.

“Sorry dude, in a meeting,” he tweeted back.

Seth Rogen set out to mess with Mitchell, and he clearly succeeded.