WGA Strike Roundtable: Showrunners Get Real About AI — ‘Execs Are on the Chopping Block Before Writers’ | Video

Three showrunners break down why streaming has to change immediately and what people get wrong about AI concerns

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It’s not just writers who should be worried about AI. It’s everyone from truck drivers and lawyers down to Hollywood executives. That’s what a group of showrunners emphasized to TheWrap in an exclusive panel about the WGA strike.

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Kayla Cobb

Kayla has covered the TV industry for move then seven years. Before joining TheWrap in April of 2023, she was the Senior TV Reporter at Decider, the New York Post's entertainment vertical that focuses on the streaming industry. She was instrumental to the site's growth, helping transform a fledging site to a respected name in the industry, especially when it came to Decider's coverage of true crime. Kayla is also a member of the Television Critics Association.