‘SNL’: Elderly Bill Hader Cracks Up While Trying to Make a Baby with Cecily Strong During Game Night (Video)

Nobody could keep it together on “SNL” as Bill Hader zipped around as an elderly man on a scooter with Cecily Strong on his lap

Bill Hader led a sketch in which the cast of “SNL” could barely hold it together as he played an elderly man accompanying his much younger wife to hang out with her friends.

The component of the sketch that seemed to cause everyone to lose it was the scooter on which Bill Hader’s elderly character got around, as he repeatedly careened into objects — and people.

In the sketch, Cecily Strong plays a woman, Jeanie, joining her friends Heidi Gardner, Melissa Villasenor and Aidy Bryant for a game night. Unlike the rest of her friends, Strong brings along her husband, Horace, who’s much older than her.

“Hi, sorry we’re late, it’s been a chaotic week,” Strong’s Jeanie says as they enter Gardner’s apartment. “Horace’s sons are suing me again.” Meanwhile, Hader’s Horace zips across the room on his scooter, slamming into a table and nearly knocking over the set.

As the sketch goes on, Jeanie keeps trying to bring Horace into the conversations she’s having with her friends. When she finds out that Gardner had her honeymoon in Paris, Jeanie tells everyone that Horace learned French because he lived in Paris during World War II.

The group finally sits down to play Uno, when Jeanie and Horace interrupt everyone again. As Horace notifies Jeanie that “it’s here,” she breaks off from the game.

“What’s here?” Villasenor asks, causing Strong’s Jeanie to explain that she and Horace are trying to have a baby. When his Cialis kicks in, she says, they have to drop everything and try to get pregnant.

“Don’t worry,” Jeanie explains as she climbs onto Horace’s lap. “I brought a courtesy blanket.” She tells her friends the situation is like breast feeding and has Horace drive his scooter back to the table. Jeanie’s friends are completely disgusted, though.

It’s as the couple goes to leave in a huff that the cast really started to lose it. Before Jeanie and Horace reach the door to exit, he says, “No,” and reverses the scooter, running into Villasenor’s chair and pushing her and half of the sketch’s props across the room. As everyone struggles not to laugh, Horace explains that Jeanie’s friends should be supportive since they know how much she wants a baby — before blurting out another sex noise in the middle of everything.