How ‘Sound of Freedom’ Became the Summer’s Surprise Box Office Hit

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A marketing campaign targeted to conservatives puts the Jim Caviezel drama on the verge of passing “The Flash” at the domestic box office

Jim Caviziel in "Sound of Freedom"

There probably isn’t anyone out there who could have predicted that an indie drama about child trafficking, led by the star of “The Passion of the Christ,” would get even close to beating “The Flash” at the U.S. box office while the DC film’s theatrical run plummets below 1,000 theaters after just one month, but that is what Angel Studios’ “Sound of Freedom,” has achieved over the past two weeks.

Since its release on July 4, “Sound of Freedom” has grossed $90 million at the domestic box office, passing the $77.1 million total of A24’s “Everything Everywhere All at Once” to become the highest grossing independent release since theaters reopened in 2021.