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Stephen Colbert Wants Obama’s Global Warming Agenda to Stay Out of His Pumpkin Carving (Video)

Comedy Central host is out to ”monster mash“ liberals who tell him how to Jack-O’-Lantern

You can have Halloween too, liberals, but only if you pry it from Stephen Colbert‘s cold, dead hands.

The Comedy Central character is set out to “monster mash” those perpetuating the so-called “War on Halloween,” which of course starts at the top: with the Obama administration’s left-wing global warming agenda.

The federal government’s Department of Energy wants those celebrating the pagan holiday to carve into their pumpkins one of five green energy designs, and Fox News Channel is laying on their sarcasm about the idea pretty darn thick. Colbert couldn’t even conjure up any humor or defense mechanism of his own over the situation, he’s so faux mad.

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Colbert called the Jack-O’-Lantern suggestion a “flaming bag of government that they’re leaving on our front porch.”

Watch the video: