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Stephen Colbert PAC Ad: Rick Parry (With an ‘A’) Is Their Man

ā€Aā€œ may stand for America, but the Texas governor spells his surname with an ā€eā€œ

Stephen Colbert's political PAC is throwing its support behind Rick Parry in the upcoming Iowa Straw Poll. 

Yes, the misspelling is intentional — the ultra-religious Texas governor and anticipated Republican presidential candidate spells his surname with an "e."

In an ad entitled "Episode IV: A New Hope," Colbert's Super Pac takes full advantage of last year's Supreme Court ruling lifting caps on the amount of money political PACs can donate to candidates to tout up "Parry's" star-spangled bona fides. 

Get ready for the Comedy Central star's sonorous voice over and lots of images of cornfields, flags and other hokey political ad staples.