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Stephen Colbert Pitches Potential Trump TV Programming (Video)

“Bridge & Tunnel” will make you laugh ’til you cry — or maybe you’ll just regularly cry

Should Trump TV actually become a thing, Stephen Colbert has a few ideas that could land him as president of Programming.

The “Late Show” host shared some series suggestions on Friday for the potential Donald Trump small-screen vessel. The CBS personality’s pitches were, naturally, toplined by “Bad Hombres,” a stylistic ripoff of “Breaking Bad.”

And who would miss the Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani buddy sitcom, “Bridge & Tunnel?” One is probably a crazed lunatic, while the other is probably a crazed lunatic. Classic.

Of course, The Donald wouldn’t be the only Trump getting camera time from this too-big-to-not-fail venture. Colbert foresees a children’s show starring Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, “Daniel, the Tiger I Shot This Weekend.”

That one probably doesn’t have a long shelf life, however — you know, after they shoot Daniel in the pilot.

Watch the video above — and then immediately call your local cable television provider and demand that Trump TV never actually happen.

Colbert, on the other hand, sounds like he’d be among its initial subscribers.

“This is vital because, until now, the only place you could see 24 hours of Donald Trump was CNN,” he quipped.