Stephen Colbert Sifts ‘Through the Logical Turd’ That Was Alan Dershowitz’s Trump Defense (Video)

“The Late Show” host looks at the latest Impeachment happenings

Colbert Dershowitz Trump Impeachment Logical Turd

Stephen Colbert spent his opening monologue Wednesday “sifting through the logical turd” Trump attorney Alan Dershowitz “just pinched out in the Senate well,” by which we mean Dersh’s novel (and if we’re being honest, unsettling) defense of Trump’s conduct.

But, while Colbert lamented that “it’s hard to find the largest corn kernel of logical fallacy,” he managed to identify one that most of us who watched Dershowitz’s performance found the most off-putting: The argument that it’s OK for the president to seek a quid pro quo arrangement in order to manipulate U.S. elections because, as Dersh put it, Trump’s reelection “is in the public interest.”

“No it’s not,” Colbert shouted in response to that argument. “Only the public gets to decide what’s in the public interest, not the politicians. In fact, it’s ‘we the people,’ not you the douchebag.”

“That’s why,” Colbert continued, “on election day you don’t see a politician wearing a sticker that says ‘you voted, trust me.’”

Colbert also took issue without another argument Dershowitz made on Wednesday. “The complex middle case is ‘I wanna be elected, I think I’m a great president. I think I’m the greatest president there ever was, and if I’m not elected the national interest will suffer greatly.’ That cannot be an impeachable offense,” Dershowitz said.

That cannot be an impeachable offense? You can do anything if you believe in yourself? What sort of inspirational posters are hanging in Dershowitz’s office?”

Of course, Colbert had the answer: “Confidence — When you believe you can fly, you’re above the law.”

Watch the clip below: