Stephen Colbert Leads Audience in ‘Lock Him Up’ Chant to Celebrate Trump Guilty Verdict | Video

The moment was inspired by what “The Late Show” host called the “insane lie” the ex-president told about “Lock her up”

Stephen Colbert was off all last week, so naturally “The Late Show” host spent the majority of his monologue on Monday celebrating the big news that happened during his break: Donald Trump’s felony conviction.

And in the process, Colbert ended up leading his in-studio audience in a chant of “Lock him up.” You can see that and more in the monologue at the top of the page now.

Before the chant, Colbert ran through the various details of the conviction, noting that Trump won’t be sentenced until July 11. He then unveiled a Trump-sentencing Advent Calendar, which he then opened to reveal a bottle of whisky.

After that Colbert, who delighted in calling Trump a convicted felon as many times as could be worked into his monologue, ran down some of the things Trump has done since being convicted on all 34 fraud counts in his trial over the hush money he paid to Stormy Daniels.

Among them, he mocked Trump’s claim that he was being persecuted, during which the ex-president claimed “if it can happen to me it can happen to you.”

“Just think about that. If it could happen to him, it could happen to anyone who commits crimes no matter who they are,” Colbert joked.

“Just because there’s ample evidence that a jury believes, that anyone could now be found guilty. Do we really want to live in an America where the law is applied equally, regardless of how rich you are?” Colbert continued. “Because if that happens, because if that happens… listen, we may be facing a situation where, if you can’t do the time, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, don’t do the crime.”

Shortly after, Colbert brought up a Fox News interview over the weekend in which Trump “told an insane lie about his 2016 campaign,” that he never once said “Lock her up” in 2016 in reference to Hillary Clinton, claiming instead it was just something his supporters — who he called “the people” — said.

“The people said, ‘lock her up?’ That was your whole campaign. Stop it. We remember, we were there. It’s like if Arby’s said ‘we never said we have the meats, the people said we have the meats.’ Also, if you didn’t say, then who’s this dingus?” Colbert said before running a supercut of various times Trump specifically said “lock her up.”

Colbert then played another clip in which Trump said he thinks “it would be tough for the public to take,” if he were to be sent to jail or placed under house arrest.

“It would be tough for the public? Actually, I happen to have a large number of the public here. Hey public, what do you all think of Trump going to jail?” Colbert asked his audience, at which point they responded with loud chants of “lock him up.”

“There you have it. I didn’t say, lock him up. The people said, lock him up,” Colbert quipped. There’s more and as we said, the full monologue can be seen at the top of the page.


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