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Steve Wozniak Weighs in on ‘Steve Jobs': ‘Everything in the Movie Didn’t Happen’ (Video)

”The movie is not about reality. It’s about personalities,“ Apple co-founder says

Steve Wozniak says all of the riveting conversations in “Steve Jobs” never happened, but he enjoyed the biopic anyway.

“Everything in the movie didn’t happen,” the Apple co-founder said in an interview with Bloomberg TV on Monday. “Every scene that I’m in, I wasn’t talking to Steve Jobs at those events.”

Wozniak met with screenwriter Aaron Sorkin on multiple occasions to help him correctly depict his character, played by Seth Rogen, but the tech wiz never asked to see the script to verify its accuracy because he didn’t feel “it was appropriate.”

“It’s the artistic freedom to make a movie that is enjoyable,” he said. “We had meetings on multiple occasions … tiny, tiny bits that were somewhere else kind of got used by him and painted by him in a different way and a different place.”

Even before having seen the biopic, Wozniak had told Bloomberg that a scene in the trailer, in which he confronts Jobs about hogging the credits for the Macintosh’s creation, had been invented.

However, everything that happens in the movie is based on things did happen in reality. Therefore, Wozniak described the movie as a “portrait,” not a photograph, at an Oct. 9 screening of the film in San Francisco.

Despite the inaccuracies, Wozniak is okay with the result and said that “Steve Jobs” was the best depiction of Apple and Jobs yet, praising Michael Fassbender‘s performance in showcasing the “brilliance” he loved and hated about his former collaborator.

“It is not about how Jobs acted in any way,” Wozniack said. “The movie is not about reality. It’s about personalities.”

Steve Jobs” opened in limited theaters last Friday before expanding to North American markets on Oct. 16 and launching wide on Oct. 23. It stars Fassbender in the role of Jobs, Rogen as Wozniack, Kate Winslet as Job’s right hand Joanna Hoffman and Jeff Daniels as John Scully.

Watch the video.