‘Taken 4’ Is Here, Courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel and Liam Neeson (Video)

This time, former CIA agent Bryan Mills is after a missing pet

“Taken 3” is doing so well in theaters, that the studio already released a trailer for “Taken 4.”

That’s what Jimmy Kimmel told his audience on Wednesday night when introducing a parody of the franchise, which Liam Neeson is completely on board with making fun of.

The plot, which producers of the big screen action hits are probably actually considering at this point, revolves around a missing dog named Paco and, of course, Neeson’s “particular set of skills.”

Thankfully, the villain in “Taken 4” is finally brave enough to ask just what those skills are.

“Um. Weapons training. Shooting,” Neeson says. “Juggling, horseback riding, origami — and I did three years of high school Spanish.”

Watch the video, and then pray that Hollywood doesn’t make this sequel a reality.