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Kristine Froseth’s Nan St. George finds herself in a love triangle

"The Buccaneers" cast from left to right: Alisha Boe as Conchitta Closson, Josie Tota as Mabel Elmsworth, Kristine Froseth as Nan St. George, Aubri Ibrag as Lizzy Elmsworth and Imogen Waterhouse as Jinny St. George (Apple TV+)

Lock up your lords! The American girls have entered the marriage market in Apple TV+’s drama series “The Buccaneers,” adapted from the unfinished novel by Edith Wharton. A culture clash between new American money and society and the old English ways defines the story of Nan St. George (Kristine Froseth) as she stumbles into a love triangle with Guy Thwarte (Matthew Broome) and Theo (Guy Remmers) while her beloved best friends also try their hands at finding themselves husbands.

Nan’s friend Conchitta (Alisha Boe) sparks the wedding fever when she gets married at the beginning of the show, though her husband Lord Richard Marable (Josh Dylan) comes from a very stiff and strict English family. Nan’s sister Jinny St. George (Imogen Waterhouse) embarks on a relationship of her own while the Elmsworth sisters Lizzy (Aubri Ibrag) and Mabel (Josie Totah) also learn lessons in love.

Music becomes a character of its own in the television show, featuring many famous names like Taylor Swift, Maggie Rogers, Gracie Abrams, boygenius and more. Here are the cast and characters of “The Buccaneers”:


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