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‘The Daily Show’ Created a Twitter Bot to Perfectly Simulate Joe Biden Insults (Video)

The show also made a fake political ad bragging about his insults

Last Updated: February 11, 2020 @ 6:22 AM

It seems like everyone is having some fun at Joe Biden’s expense after the former vice president and current Democratic presidential hopeful tried to zing a potential voter with a weird insult. But “The Daily Show” went two better with a fake campaign ad touting Biden’s insults, and a way for everyone to get insulted personally.

During an appearance Sunday in New Hampshire, Biden was asked about his poor showing earlier in the week during the Iowa caucus fiasco. He replied by asking the questioner if she had ever attended a caucus, and when she said she had, he responded “No you haven’t! You’re a lying, dog-faced pony soldier.” Don’t feel bad, we have no idea what that means either.

Which brings us back to “The Daily Show.” Host Trevor Noah noted that while Biden’s team says the insult is actually a quote from an old John Wayne movie, the campaign didn’t specify which movie, and so far no one has been able to identify it.

Noah then suggested that even though it’s “not a good look” for Biden to keep beefing with voters, he could probably gain a lot by just making that kind of thing the center of his campaign. Roll the fake campaign ad, which you can watch above (along with the segment it came from).

Meanwhile, “The Daily Show” further celebrated Biden’s odd diss by creating a Twitter bot that will tweet randomized Biden-style insults at anyone who @s it from their own Twitter account.

Here are some of our favorites from just the last couple of hours:

And that’s just a sample. Go try it for yourself on Twitter but bring a bandage for your hurt feelings (just kidding).