‘The Masked Singer’: Robin Thicke Roasts Ken Jeong Before Guessing Tim Allen Is on the Show (Exclusive Video)

“When you turn off the lights at night, does your jacket keep you awake?” Thicke asks, mocking Jeong’s outfit

Tim Allen may be able to fill out Santa Claus’ big belly, but can he fill out the massive avocado costume on “The Masked Singer”? Robin Thicke seems to think so this week.

But, before he makes his guess, Thicke had to sneak in a few shots at fellow judge Ken Jeong. This time, it’s because that’s the theme of the week: “Comedy Roast Night.” In TheWrap’s exclusive preview of Wednesday night’s episode, Thicke admits that he’s “having a little trouble” formulating a guess, “because I’m not as…”

Before he can finish his sentence though, Jeong supplies the word “smart,” prompting a laugh from the table. But Thicke is quick to serve a roast right back, poking fun at Jeong’s outfit choice for the night. “When you turn off the lights at night, does your jacket keep you awake?” he asks.

Eventually, the boys put their roasts aside so Thicke can make his actual guess. And it turns out, the struggle he’s having is picking someone from “the podcast world.” (Something to note as “Masked” fans formulate their own guesses tonight).

In the end, Thicke suspects that the singer under the Avocado mask is none other than Tim Allen, based on clues that remind Thicke of Allen’s old show, “Home Improvement.” The guess is met with some support, as the other judges and audience members mull over the possibility.

You can watch TheWrap’s exclusive sneak peek of “The Masked Singer” in the video above.

“The Masked Singer” airs on Fox on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET.