‘The Masked Singer’: Walrus Was Amazed the Judges Didn’t Guess Him, Considering How Often His Name Has Come Up in Past Seasons

“It’s so funny, when it was actually me, none of them guessed me,” Walrus joked with TheWrap

Walrus Masked Singer Season 8
Walrus "The Masked Singer" Season 8 (Fox)

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Sunday’s episode of “The Masked Singer”

Joey Lawrence is a name that has come up in many a judges guesses over the course of “The Masked Singer,” even as recently as a few weeks ago. But somehow, it only came to one judge’s mind on Sunday night, and Lawrence himself is thoroughly amused by that.

On Sunday’s episode — airing on a different night because of the World Series — Joey Lawrence was revealed to be the man underneath the Walrus mask, and only Robin Thicke was able to correctly pick out his voice. It’s a bit ironic, considering judge Ken Jeong was wholly convinced earlier this season that the Mummies costume actually contained Lawrence and his brothers, as a trio. Instead, it was a different set of TV brothers: Christopher Knight, Mike Lookinland, and Barry Williams — the boys of The Brady Bunch.

In fact, Joey Lawrence has been guessed so often that he was asked as recently as August of last year whether he’d consider doing the show. So, when it came time for the judges to make their guesses on Sunday, he was definitely surprised he wasn’t immediately recognized.

“It was fun because so many seasons have gone by, and whether it’s Jenny, or Ken, or Robin, you know, they always guess me so, you know, it’s fun to get out there and have some fun for an episode when it was actually me,” Lawrence said. “It’s so funny, when it was actually me, none of them guessed me. I mean, well, Robin did, but the other three didn’t.”

It’s possible that Lawrence’s name has come up so often simply because he’s truly been trying to make the show work with his schedule for awhile.

“We’ve been trying to figure out a time to do it,” Lawrence revealed. “Whether it was my schedule, or just not an opening available, or, you know, the way it worked out with seasons just not, you know, we’ve been trying to find the right time. So it just worked out well. I had an opening, and I was able to do it, and there was a spot that they really wanted me to do. And that’s how that’s how it happened.”

In fact, it might’ve been a bit of kismet, considering how much Lawrence has in the works with the network. Between starring in “Swim” on Tubi last year, a movie from him and his wife expected Valentine’s Day next year, and a new show from Lawrence and his brothers for the network, “The Masked Singer” marked the beginning of an extensive relationship.

“It’s so good to be part of the network on one of their biggest shows, and to come in there and have some fun for an episode and, you know, get my feet wet at Fox,” Lawrence said excitedly. “Because there’s gonna be a lot of stuff with myself and Fox coming up.”

Of course, Lawrence is no stranger to music. He’d already put out his own, and has more on the way. So really, taking the stage was just dusting off a few skills for him.

“You know, there was no nerves! I mean, I haven’t sang and performed live like that in about, I don’t know, 12, 13 years,” Lawrence said. “But yeah, I mean, I’ve toured, obviously, I have extensive experience in music. And working on some new stuff now, as we speak, as I’m always doing that, but, you know, it was just fun to get back out there and perform!”

“The Masked Singer” airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.