‘The View’: Israel Live Report Cut Short as Reporter Forced to Evacuate, Whoopi Tells Him ‘Get in the Car’ (Video)

Fortunately, the ABC reporter was able to return after a commercial break

“The View” once again began the show Tuesday with a live correspondence from the ground in Israel, but it was cut off earlier than planned, as the reporter was forced to evacuate the area in the middle of his report.

ABC News Chief National Correspondent Matt Gutman kicked off the talk show with live reporting from Sderot, Israel, getting the hosts and viewers up to speed on the current state of things, specifically the next steps for Israel’s military. But, as he explained everything, he was interrupted.

“The amount of anger in Israel is monumental,” Gutman explained. “People want Hamas destroyed, both militarily and politically, and I think it would be very difficult for Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu not to launch some sort of significant incursion at this point — sorry, there’s some soldiers calling out.”

In the moments that followed, Gutman was indeed approached by a military official, who instructed Gutman and his team to move out of the area.

“The IDF has issued an immediate alert that everybody has to leave,” the soldier explained. “There is a security incident just near us.”

No further detail was given as Gutman and his team were ushered toward their cars, but he did attempt to stay on the air with “The View” for the moment, despite Whoopi encouraging him to “Go ahead and do what you gotta do.”

“We’re OK, we’re walking to the car anyway, which is right over there,” he explained. He then detailed what they’d been hearing and seeing, having the camera pan toward armored military vehicles, which Gutman said were “going toward where we’ve been hearing this incessant gunfire.”

Eventually though, Gutman noted that they’d have to cut things short as he and his team needed to move out.

“Get in the car, Matt,” Whoopi said tersely. “Get in the car.”

As the feed cut, Whoopi noted that “that’s what happens when it’s live, and you’re in the middle of it. We’ve got our fingers crossed that he’s safe, that he’s gonna remain safe.”

Fortunately, Gutman and his team were able to return after the commercial break, confirming that they were safe and in a more secure location, and continued their report.


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