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‘The View’ Fans Delight in Joy Behar’s ‘Messy as Hell’ Thirst Over Michael B Jordan

Even the camera operator nearly hit the floor on the actor’s entrance

Michael B. Jordan stopped by “The View” to promote his upcoming film “A Journal for Jordan” on Thursday. Of course, many viewers didn’t actually hear what he had to say, over their laughter at Joy Behar and her infatuation with the actor’s looks.

Before the host could even say anything though, Jordan had to get out onstage — something that almost ended in a mishap itself. Upon the actor’s entrance, the cameraperson meant to follow him nearly wiped out entirely. Jordan was ready to catch them if needed, but they recovered and the show went on.

“Even the cameraman fell out when Michael B. Jordan came out,” one person joked. You can watch the moment below.

Once Jordan made his way to his seat, moderator Whoopi Goldberg had to calm the audience down so the interview could actually begin. Of course, when it did, Behar started things bluntly, calling out how attractive she thinks the actor is.

“You know you’re not just a gorgeous guy,” Behar said, prompting a laugh from the entire table. Before she moved onto her actual question, Behar doubled down, saying “You know, like they say, he’s fiiiiine!”

Within minutes, fans of “The View” were having a field day on Twitter. For the most part, they all related, and applauded Behar for saying exactly what she was thinking and being “messy as hell.”

“Joy implying she’s 6 months pregnant by Michael B Jordan just took me all the way out,” one person tweeted.

You can check out more entertained fans below.