‘The View’ Hosts Clash on Whether Biden Should Debate Trump: ‘Biden Can Lose in a Debate, Trump Will Not’ | Video

“The people supporting Trump will support him whether he’s there or not,” Sara Haines says

The View

The women of “The View” found themselves at odds once again on Monday morning, this time sparring over whether President Biden should debate Donald Trump ahead of the general election.

For Alyssa Farah Griffin, seeing a debate between Biden and Trump is “critically important for democracy,” so people can actually hear from both sides, instead of sticking to the news outlets they always do, where they’re “only gonna get one side of any story.”

But she also cautioned that Trump would spin his own narrative out of Biden refusing to debate.

“The voters deserve to hear from them directly. And my caution to Biden is, I get why he maybe wouldn’t, but Donald Trump will lean into the narrative of ‘He’s hiding because he’s not up to it,’” Farah Griffin said. “And voters will believe that if he doesn’t show up, so he needs to show up and debate.”

Host Sara Haines disagreed with the necessity of Biden agreeing to debate, noting that she normally would side with Farah Griffin, “if we did not know these two men as well as we do.” Haines also added that, at this point, Trump can do no wrong in the eyes of his followers.

“Biden can lose. He can lose in a debate. Trump will not,” Haines said. “The people supporting Trump will support him whether he’s there or not. Biden makes one mistake, and people that are undecided are out.”

For Sunny Hostin, the idea of giving Trump any kind of platform was not something to be entertained.

“I don’t think I need to see someone who has been twice impeached, and is a disgrace, and a one-term president with 91 counts facing him,” she said. “I think it legitimizes him. I don’t need to be gaslit by Trump. We all know who he is. We all know what he stands for. We also know that Biden debated him twice, and just like, sort of mopped the floor with him.”

You can watch the full discussion from “The View” in the video above.


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