Whoopi Goldberg Jokes if Trump Didn’t Use N-Word on ‘The Apprentice,’ She’s a ‘Natural Blonde’

Host Joy Behar made a similar joke, saying, “If he’s good for Black people, then I’m a natural redhead”

The View

Whoopi Goldberg definitely doesn’t believe Donald Trump didn’t use the N-word to describe a contestant on “The Apprentice.” In fact, the host joked on “The View” that if he didn’t, then she’s a “natural blonde.”

On Thursday morning, Slate released a story written by former “Apprentice” producer Bill Pruitt, in which he said Trump used the slur to refer to Season 1 runner-up Kwame Jackson while dismissing the idea that a Black contestant would be accepted as a winner on the series.

Of course, rumors that Trump used this particular slur about contestants have circled for years now, with the hosts of “The View” even pointing that out. But, Whoopi noted that she was skeptical of Mark Burnett’s past denial. So, when it came time for Sunny Hostin to read her legal note at the end of the segment, Whoopi made her doubt even clearer.

“Trump has denied that he ever said a racial slur on ‘The Apprentice,’” Hostin read off in a deadpan voice. “A spokesperson for the Trump campaign said, ‘This is a completely fabricated … story that was already peddled in 2016.’”

“Well, this natural blonde will be right back,” Whoopi joked, sending the show to commercial break.

Her joke echoed one made by Joy Behar earlier in the episode, as the ABC hosts discussed whether Trump deserves the support of Black voters in America. After agreeing pretty much unanimously that he doesn’t, Behar joked that “if he’s good for Black people, then I’m a natural redhead.”

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