‘The Walking Dead’ Sequel Teaser Shows Los Angeles as Target of Deadly Virus

First “Fear the Walking Dead’ sneak peek airs during Season 5 finale of “The Walking Dead”

The first teaser for the much-anticipated “Walking Dead” spinoff aired Sunday night, showing Los Angeles as the center of a deadly virus.

“Morning Los Angeles, hope you got your flu shot,” the radio host says at the open of the 15-second teaser, alerting LA citizens a virus is swirling around 5 states and headed for the City of Angels.

A zombie-looking man then appears in a pitch-black tunnel, apparently in L.A.

On Sunday night, the expanded 90-minute fifth season finale of “The Walking Dead” wrapped, with death and a return of a familiar character.

The title of the show, “Fear The Walking Dead,” was revealed Friday.

Watch the teaser.