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‘The Walking Dead': Steven Ogg Tells Us About Chlamydia and Koalas While He Was at Walker Stalker Con

”You’ve gotta realize with me, you’ve gotta forewarn me not to lick something“

“The Walking Dead” star Steven Ogg, who plays Negan’s right-hand man Simon, recently got back from the Walker Stalker Con in Australia, where he went on adventures, met fans, and learned some interesting facts about koala bears.

Yeah, I got chlamydia,” he told TheWrap in a recent interview ahead of the Season 8 midseason premiere. 

Don’t worry, he didn’t really contract the disease while Down Under.

I didn’t, but that was the joke,” he explained.“No one told me not to lick a koala.” 

“I didn’t have a picture of that, but because I had been in Japan feeding a deer out of my mouth with a biscuit, I thought how great if I had another picture of me feeding the koala?” Ogg said. “So I put the eucalyptus leaf in my mouth, because that’s all they eat, because they’re quite dumb, and he wouldn’t eat it so I was kinda joking around and I went to lick his nose and they were like, ‘don’t lick the koala!! They have chlamydia!!’ You’ve gotta realize with me, you’ve gotta forewarn me not to lick something.”

And it’s true–male and female koalas can contract a strain of the sexually transmitted disease. Baby koalas, called joeys, can get it from their mothers while in the pouch. In some parts of Australia, the infection rate in koalas is as high as 90 percent, according to the BCC. So next time you visit Australia, make sure you learn from Ogg and don’t go licking any koala noses.

Ogg said he felt “quite popular” while visiting Australia, and felt grateful for the experience.

It was amazing. It was incredible. So awesome,” he said. 

Check out below for some more pictures of Ogg’s trip.