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Tom Hanks Tells Stephen Colbert Idea for Greatest Movie Never Made (Video)

”Bridge of Spies“ star and CBS late-night host also tackle big questions about Santa and why we are here

Tom Hanks revealed the greatest movie idea ever to Stephen Colbert on Wednesday’s episode of “The Late Show.”

“The best idea for a movie that hasn’t been made — yet — is an action thriller about an elite team of secret service dogs that protect the president’s dog,” Hanks said during Colbert’s “Big Questions with Even Bigger Stars” segment.

Colbert said he would see such a film, to which Hanks replied “I’d see it in 3D, buddy boy.”

The pair also pondered what Santa Claus does during the summer. “I think he’s Santa on the other planets,” Colbert said, which drew a wide-eyed look of astonishment from Hanks.

Finally, Colbert dropped the big one, asking Hanks why we are here. “It’s to kill four minutes until John Oliver comes out,” Hanks replied.

Watch the video.