Tom Sandoval Heavily Booed Every Time He Answered a Question at BravoCon (Video)

Sandoval and his ex Ariana Madix shared the stage for the “Vanderpump Rules” panel

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Even Bravo fans don’t have love for Tom Sandoval.

The “Scandoval” participant was part of the “Vanderpump Rules” panel at BravoCon, which kicked off its first day programming on Friday.

At first, the audience at the Caesars Forum in Las Vegas seemed supportive. Sandoval hit the stage immediately after his ex Ariana Madix, so any boos were drowned out by the thunderous applause and cheers for her.

But every time moderator Karamo Brown asked Sandoval a question, the audience — the largest of the day — expressed their displeasure.

“We’re not going to be booing here,” Brown pleaded to the crowd. Later, Tom Schwartz echoed Brown, saying, “Don’t be the mob. Don’t be the mob.”

Towards the end of the panel, an audience member asked the crowd to “show grace” and reminded him that he’s “human.” She was also booed.

Another audience member asked Sandoval point blank why he didn’t just leave the show after the fallout from the cheating scandal.

“I could’ve ran away but I’d rather stand here and face it,” Sandoval responded.

Sandoval found one defender in his castmate Lala Kent, who said, “With everyone really hating on Tom, he still went out, he still performed shows, life went all. He’s sitting in front of y’all while y’all boo him. I have to be honest, if I were in his position, I’d tell you all to f–k off.” The audience booed Kent as well.

After the panel, Sandoval told “Access Hollywood” he was “really glad it’s over.”

“I didn’t see you lose your cool,” Schwartz said. “Never let them see you sweat. That’s what they say in Hollywood.”

“I was sweating a little bit, but I think that had to do with the push-up contest,” Sandoval replied.

The push-up contest he’s referring to is a challenge James Kennedy threw down during the panel. Both men took off their shirts and did push-ups on the stage, with Kennedy ultimately prevailing (though both lasted surprisingly long).

It may have been the only time the audience cheered for Sandoval, or at least at the sight of two shirtless men.

Watch the clip below:

Season 11 of “Vanderpump Rules” returns to Bravo in January 2024.


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